Skill certification to boost your career

Skill certification to boost your career


Every year more than a million students are graduating and entering the workforce. In the highly competitive business environment, companies are realising the importance of hiring not just good but the best candidates to build an efficient talent pool. There is also an increasing demand for candidates who not just have the knowledge but boast of highly specialised skill sets. Getting certified in this scenario is the key to strengthen your career prospects.

Why is certification important?

Ever wondered if your resume makes you stand out from the rest? Or is your potential employer able to gauge your skills as a potential hire?

Being certified acts as a guarantee for your employability in a particular sector or role. It is also an indicator of the knowledge and competency acquired which you will be able to effectively apply within the organization. Demand for skill certification is in line with the recent hiring trends, which is seeing a gradual shift from degrees to certifications wherein employers want to know the skills candidates have gained and not just the degrees they hold. It is also becoming a major prerequisite in the initial selection/evaluation process.

In fact, many companies have also cut down their hiring pool to include only those candidates who are certified as it saves them both time and effort to find the right candidate. Possessing industry recognised certifications will not just allow you to be a part of this certified hiring pool but give an edge amongst the hundreds of candidates who would have applied for the same role. The certification is also an indication of a higher level of competency and can help in getting a higher pay.

In a highly competitive job market, being certified can transform your career and give you access to the best of opportunities you would otherwise miss out on. So while you may have very high percentages, the inability to showcase your specialised skill set can make you one of the many potential hires as opposed to being ‘the’ potential hire.

Getting Recognised

AMCAT has emerged as a leading assessment and certification authority in the industry.

– More than 2 million candidates have successfully taken AMCAT to get recognised for their skills

– Every month, more than 1.5 lakh interview calls go out to students based on their AMCAT scores

AMCAT certifications are not just becoming a benchmark in the industry, but professional networks like LinkedIn and Monster also accept AMCAT as an employability certification. Being the world’s most widely taken employability test, thousands of students have got the visibility and access to not just the ‘right’ jobs but jobs of their choice backed by AMCAT certifications. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with your dream employer – get AMCAT certified today.