5 Qualities of a good content marketing manager

5 Qualities of a good content marketing manager


Content marketing managers are in high demand today. Research says, almost one-third of the companies are having a hard time to find a good content marketing professional. Apart from this it can be tough to know what skill-set to look for in a good content marketing manager. So, to make it simpler let’s look at the 4 essential qualities of a good content marketing manager:-

  1. Love for writing: Research shows that the most important skill for a good content marketing manager is writing and editing. They are the once responsible for delivering quality content to drive traffic. If the content marketing manager lacks the ability to produce excellent content that clicks with the target audience, then the company’s profit is sure to diminish. Excellent writing does not mean using fancy words, it is all about writing in a way that any reader can understand.
  2. Creative: Well, writing isn’t enough. Good content managers needs to be creative and must have a good understanding of how words and design go hand in hand. It is not just writing and putting it on the page but how to assemble those words, package them together and deliver in order to grab more eyeballs. The basic idea is how to make the entire writing interesting. They need to work closely with designers and videographers to create great and appealing content. Thinking out of the box and some serious creativity are the basic ingredients of a good a content marketing manager.
  3. Curiosity: Content marketing managers must be curious enough to try new tactics, ideas, take some risks, and work on new and innovative topics. Without curiosity, they reuse the same content ideas that disinterests the readers and customers.
  4. Industry knowledge: A content marketing manager who lacks the understanding of the industry, or who doesn’t want to learn about it, will never be a good addition to the organization. If the writer is not interested and excited about the topic he/she is writing on, the readers won’t be very excited to read about them either.
  5. Organised and goal-oriented: Content marketing managers need to be well organised and systematic. This starts with a main editorial calendar and continues with newsletters, trainings, interviews, etc.