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AMCAT for Engineers

Every year more than 2 lac engineers take AMCAT and end their wait for an interview call for their first job. No engineer gets a job just based on his/her resume without taking a test. All companies require a test score to qualify candidates for an interview.AMCAT is a single test which is a single test accepted by multiple companies like Cognizant, HCL, Microsoft, Snapdeal and 100s of SMEs. AMCAT helps get jobs in all sectors, be it software, automotive, telecommunication, life-sciences and other engineering sectors. If you have submitted your resumes at multiple places and are not getting an interview call, schedule AMCAT now to end your WAIT!

Find out how AMCAT will get you your first job.

The Annual National Employability Report for Engineers pioneered by Aspiring Minds was unveiled by the then Education Minister, Sh. Kapil Sibal in 2012. Know more here.

Industry Acceptance:

AMCAT is widely acclaimed and adopted by hundreds of companies in sectors as diverse as IT services (including the top 6 IT majors) and product companies, automotive industry, life sciences, semiconductor and telecommunication sectors. AMCAT-takers are invested with profile choices as diverse as software engineers, business analysts and networking engineers among others.

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AMCAT Modules:

AMCAT tests the following modules specifically for Engineers:

  1. AMCAT English: The most widely used English test in the IT and KPO industry
  2. AMCAT Logical and Quantitative Ability: Proven to predict trainability and job performance in IT and Engineering Sector.
  3. Personality: Helpful to uncover skills for profiles of sales engineer and support engineer among other profiles.
  4. Domain Modules: Modules in Computer Programming, Electronics and Semiconductor, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Telecommunication and many more. >

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AMCAT Employability Report:

  1. Get to know where you stand among all management graduates in the country when it comes to job-readiness.
  2. Know your job fitment for various sales profiles such as Corporate Sales, Channel Sales and Consumer Sales; profiles in Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations domain; and those in Business Analysis Client Servicing and Content Development.
  3. Know where you lack and what to improve. For instance, you might be great at Finance, but your English may not be good enough for large Banks. AMCAT Employability Report not only helps find out what are your weak areas in English, but also provides tips to improve.
  4. Learn about your personality disposition based on the World's most scientific five factor model of personality.

Know more about how the feedback report can help you.

What do you get on taking AMCAT?

  1. End your WAIT for your first interview call.
  2. Knowledge of where you stand nationally among all engineers in the country.
  3. Detailed AMCAT Employability Report to know your fitment in different engineering and IT roles.
  4. Employability Certificate to highlight yourself.
  5. Interview calls from MNCs, large companies and SMEs.
  6. Interview calls for profiles as diverse as software engineer, design engineer, analyst, sales, support or content development.
  7. Personalized SMS-based improvement tips for two months.

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