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Why resume is not enough!

If you have emailed your resume to many companies or uploaded it on job portals and are waiting for an interview call, your wait shall never end!

Why just submitting RESUME will keep you WAITING?

The reason is simple. There are more than 30 lac students which graduate every year. You are one of these 30 lac students. Most of these students submit their resumes to companies and job portals. Every company in the country gets 1000s of resumes every week. They cannot filter through these resumes.Your resume is not even read!

You keep WAITING!


Experts from IITs, MIT, Harvard University and IIMs understood this problem in 2007 and devised AMCAT. The aim of AMCAT is simple: Now, you don't just submit your resume on a job portal and wait forever. Rather, you take the AMCAT test at a center nearest to you. With its presence in more than 60 cities pan India, a student can today take the AMCAT almost anywhere across the length and breadth of the country. Based on your AMCAT score, your resume is sent to the most relevant companies which are hiring! These companies trust AMCAT to help them reach matching candidates. We help these companies quickly schedule interviews with you!

You don't have to continue to WAIT any longer! You get matching interview calls within 30 days of taking the AMCAT test.

AMCAT :Test for a Dream Job

More than ten lakh students have taken AMCAT and , each month more than 70,000 interview calls are given by companies based on AMCAT. More than 200 companies recognize AMCAT and each month more than 60 new companies use AMCAT to recruit freshers.

Don't submit your resume and keep WAITING!
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