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AMCAT® tests all employability skills for a management graduate to succeed in the job market. Each year, several MBA students take the AMCAT® test to get closer to their dream job in banking, finance, FMCG, retail, real-estate and pharma sector . The National Employability Report for Management Graduates pioneered by Aspiring Minds was covered by various newspapers including Times of India and Wall Street Journal.

Companies such as ITC, Axis Bank, Daimler and Godrej use AMCAT to hire management students.

Industry Acceptance:

AMCAT®'s key strength comes from its scientific validation and widespread use by industry to hire management graduates in various roles. Apart from the English, Aptitude and domain modules, industry strongly values Aspiring Minds' forced choice personality industry specifically built to hire candidates for managerial and people interaction roles. Leading brands and big recruiters as well as SMEs not only have direct interface with us but recruit in large numbers from our talent pool.

AMCAT® is widely acclaimed and adopted by hundreds of companies in sectors as diverse as banking, finance, FMCG and retail. AMCAT®-takers are invested with profile choices as diverse as analysts, marketing managers, HR manager, Operations Manager, client servicing and Channel/corporate sales personnel.

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AMCAT tests the following modules specifically for MBAs:

  1. AMCAT English: Written English indispensible for analysts and corporate/institutional profiles.
  2. AMCAT Logical and Quantitative Ability: A must for business data analysis and data interpretation.
  3. Excel Skills: Excel is needed today for almost any business role.
  4. Personality: Our Personality Assessment is India's only personality inventory constructed on a sample of 30,000+ entry-level MBA graduates. It is used by several MNCs and large Indian companies to hire sales, customer service and operations personnel.
  5. Domain Modules: Modules in Finance, HR, Marketing and Operations to find the exact role fit for you.

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AMCAT Employability Report:

  1. Get to know where you stand among all management graduates in the country when it comes to job-readiness.
  2. Know your job fitment for various sales profiles such as Corporate Sales, Channel Sales and Consumer Sales; profiles in Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations domain; and those in Business Analysis Client Servicing and Content Development.
  3. Know where you lack and what to improve. For instance, you might be great at Finance, but your English may not be good enough for large Banks. AMCAT Employability Report not only helps find out what are your weak areas in English, but also provides tips to improve.
  4. Learn about your personality disposition based on the World's most scientific five factor model of personality.

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What do you get on taking AMCAT?

  1. Knowledge of where you stand Nationally among all management graduates in the country.
  2. Detailed AMCAT Employability Report to know your fitment in different management roles.
  3. Employability Certificate to highlight yourself to potential employers.
  4. Interview calls from banking, finance, FMCG, retail, real-estate and pharma sector
  5. nterview calls for profiles as diverse as those in Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations; Business Analysis, Client Servicing, Sales and Content Development.
  6. Personalized SMS-based improvement tips for two months.
  7. Interview calls for next three years, not just for your first job but many more.

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