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There are so many people who have benefited through AMCAT and stepped up to find their dream job. Then why can’t you? Read about their success journey and take some inspiration.

I opted for the AMCAT exam because many of my friends suggested it to me


Hired by Searchtap

As a fresher, taking AMCAT was the right decision.


Hired by ITC Infotech

A good percentile and score can provide you with many job opportunities.


Hired by MindTree

Alot of companies which don’t come for campus drives recruit through the AMCAT.


Hired by Tech Mahindra

The job profiles are good and many good companies like UBER, Cognizant hires through AMCAT.


Hired by Great Learning

AMCAT is very user-friendly and is in your budget.


Hired by Far Eye

Many MNCs posts many jobs on the AMCAT job portal. It makes job search a cakewalk.


Hired by Uber

AMCAT is very helpful for freshers in getting good jobs. And, I would definitely suggest it to others.

Kishore Arun Prakash

Hired by Robert Bosch

AMCAT also provides a lot of job opportunities through emails.


Hired by Robert Bosh

I got interview calls from many companies. Some of them were, Stay Abode, iEnergizer, Aspiring Minds, QAI Global, Multigraphics Groups, UBER and Appyfactor.

Jeenat Parween

Hired by Appyfactor

AMCAT is a great platform for people who are looking for a good job and possess the right skills-set.


Hired by Robert Bosch

The AMCAT feedback report uses AI to give a comprehensive report. It knows you better than you know yourself.

Anupam Biswas

Hired by MindTree

For a student who is trying to get placed, AMCAT is the best platform to get a good job.

Bishal Kanta Prusty

Hired by Tata Motors

As a student, you will get a lot of job options from your favourite companies through AMCAT.

Arjun Bardhan

Hired by MindTree

AMCAT is the most important test that every student should take to push his career in the right path.

Arun Chakravarthi R

Hired by Robert Bosch

Lots of companies, both big and small, hire through AMCAT. It provides ample opportunity to candidates.

Dhiren Mathur

Hired by 42Hertz

AMCAT feedback report encouraged me to get better at the topics I was weak in.


Hired by MAQ Software

AMCAT can help you get direct interviews at MNCs if you pass the exam successfully and get good marks in it.

Abhilash Gosh

Hired by Tata Motors

AMCAT really helped me understand my faults and guided me a lot in rectifying them.

Prasun Koyal

Hired by Micro System Foundations

I would recommend the AMCAT exam to others because it helped me secure a good job in my core company.

Raja Sakhthivel R

Hired by Robert Bosch

I will confidently recommend the AMCAT exam to others as I have had a really great experience with it.

Settipalli Rohithsai

Hired by Robert Bosch

After I gave the AMCAT exam it gave me bigger opportunities than I could ever imagine.

Ishi Saxena

Hired by Robert Bosch

AMCAT covers a vast number of topics in its assessment and makes the students ready for interviews and upcoming competitions.

C. Gowri Sanakar

Hired by Robert Bosch

Many companies are using AMCAT these days to recruit people and you can expect a lot of interview calls through AMCAT.

Varshini Kaithapuram

Hired by Verzon Data Services

I am getting interview calls from at least 5 companies every day.

Rajvardhan Tripathi

Hired by Robert Bosch

There is already an environment of unemployment in the country and here is AMCAT, doing a fabulous job of helping the youth.

Lakshayam Tyagi

Hired by Uber

If you have less experience then you get very few calls from the companies but not so with AMCAT.

Saurabh Kaushik

Hired by MakeMyTrip

If you need a good job search platform, trust AMCAT."

Girdhar Mudgal

Hired by Uber India

I got many interview calls through the AMCAT exam, and that too from good companies from all over the world.

Sayali Anil Udgirkar

Hired by ITC Infotech

With AMCAT, you can expect 3-4 interview calls every day.

Anvit Sharma

Hired by Robert Bosch

AMCAT provides such great opportunities for a low and affordable price. It can really help students find their dream job.

Utkarsh Pandey

Hired by Input Zero Technology

The AMCAT test is a testament to an adaptive test structure/pattern.

Ganesh Kumaarr S.

Hired by Robert Bosch

Would recommend AMCAT as a path to grow individual skills to reach an endless phase of career opportunities.

Katheeja Beevi

Hired by Robert Bosch

I often (at least thrice a week) received calls from companies that I was shortlisted for relevant profiles of my interest

Alagu Sankar

Hired by Robert Bosch

AMCAT will help you get good interview calls every week.

Rajat Katiyar

Hired by Robert Bosch

AMCAT has many companies providing good job profile with a good salary package.

Arunima Nair

Hired by Robert Bosch

AMCAT provides plenty of job opportunities.

Abhirup Paul

Hired by Robert Bosch

I was average in aptitude but after getting the AMCAT feedback report, I am able to clear every test.


Hired by Tata Motors

Started getting offers from big tech companies like MindTree, Cognizant, NTT Data, CGI software, etc. after a week of the test.

Abhishek Burse

Hired by Robert Bosch

I would definitely recommend the AMCAT exam to all the freshers as it is a very good platform to get a job that matches your profile, potential and package expectation.

Akanksha Singh

Hired by Robert Bosch

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