Make the right first impression

To court success in a job interview, you need to know how to create a lasting impression on the interviewer. And, that is where we come in. Keep reading!

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Interview Question: Answer to “What is your bigge..

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In a selection process, a job interview is the most important step to end your job search journey with success...

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Your choice of clothing tells a lot about you and your personality. Even though in recent times this notion has..

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  Graduate students from all streams – engineering to commerce to arts – are used to studying at the l..

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Most of us have big dreams when we first join college. We want to make an exciting career for ourselves, get a g..

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The AMCAT exam has proven itself time and again. This smart adaptive test which gives you questions on the basis..

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Getting a job is no piece of cake. You need to sit through the whole interview process and appear all prim and c..

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The AMCAT exam has proven itself over and over again. By letting the skills of the job seekers come to the fore,..

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Being from a good college has its own advantages. Most of the companies, especially the bigger names, look at hi..

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Getting a job even before you have finished college or done with your graduation can be a huge relief. After spe..

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  Though not so popular in practice, a telephonic interview is often used as the first phase of a job inte..

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  Every job interview is an opportunity, and you cannot take any chances to waste this opportunity. Right ..

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Non-tech job with Uber. Yes, people, we heard you. We are back with another exciting job from our ‘non-tech jo..

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