AM Career Services - Create resume and prepare for interview to get hired
Kickstart your career. Get everything you need to land your dream job.

Book AMCAT to appear for the exam and get certified. With a valid score you can apply to all the premium jobs on the platform and recruiters can shortlist you for the opportunities.

Give official mock test and experience the actual ADAPTIVE AMCAT from the comfort of your home and analyze your performance to know your preparation
Resume Buddy
₹850 ₹499*
Create a professional skill based resume in 3 simple steps with Resume Buddy. Pick from 50+ resume templates to get started and make a resume that stands out.
Prepare for your job interview by assessing yourself with the most advanced feedback on your interview skills.
AMCAT Premium

Get everything you need in your Job Hunt Kit - Build your Resume, Get English Certified and make yourself interview and job ready. Know More

Resume Writing Service
Worried about your Resume Writing? We understand what companies look for in a resume. Our industry experts and advanced AI based resume analyzer can help.
Give your job hunt the English advantage with MyEnglish Certification. Assess and improve your English writing & speaking skills
Interview Preparation Service
Prepare for your Job interviews under the guidance of industry experts. Get detailed insights from the dedicated expert and our AI-powered interview assessment tool.
Technical Certifications
Accounts Payable Specialist
Get certified and show your accounting knowledge to employers
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Have a keen eye for numbers? Then you can take the first step towards a career as an Accounts Specialist
Back End Developer : Java + Oracle
Let your programming skills do the talking and land a job
Back End Developer : Java + MySQL
Showcase your programming skills to employers and enhance your job prospects
Back End Developer : PHP
Highlight your PHP coding skills get noticed by employers
Data Scientist
Be a part of the data revolution with today's most trending certification.
Full Stack Developer : Java
Turn your passion for java coding into a full-time job
Full Stack Developer : PHP
Turn your diverse programming knowledge into a full stack development job
Mobile App Developer : Android
Get certified and enhance your chances of landing a mobile app development job
SEO Specialist
Showcase your knowledge of search engines and enhance your job prospects
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Showcase your technical knowledge and detail orientation that make a successul Software QA engineer.
Web Developer : Java
Turn your knowledge of Java into a web development job
Business Consultant
Highlight your Business sence, analytical and creative abilities to employers
Project Manager
Prove that you have what it takes to lead a project from start to completion and enhance your chances of landing a great job
Information Technology Project Manager
Showcase your IT leadership and management skills to employers
Big Data Developer : Hbase + Hive
Be a part of Big Data revolution. Display your Big Data skills and enhance your job prospects.
Big Data Developer : Hbase + Pig
Showcase your Big Data talent and get noticed by employers
Big Data Developer : MongoDB + Hive
Enhance your chances of landing a Big Data job with this popular certification.
Big Data Developer : MongoDB + Pig
Ride the Big Data wave. Showcase your data development skills and kick-start your career.
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