What is the role of a Big Data Developer: Hbase + Pig?

A Big Data Developer: Hbase + Pig is the one who develops, maintains, tests and evaluates Big Data solutions within organizations. He is also involved in the design of Big Data solutions using HBase and Pig. A Big Data Developer is expected to design, construct, install, test, and maintain highly scalable Data Management Systems and should be able to use it. HCatalog with PigManaging and deploy HBase. He should be able to manage Hadoop cluster, with all included services like develop data set processes for data modeling, mining and production, integrate new data management technologies and software engineering tools into existing structures, create custom software components (e.g. specialized UDFs) and analytics applications. He has to collaborate with data architects, modelers and IT team members on project goals and summarize and analyze data using Pig.

Modules: Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache Pig

Test Duration

50 mins

Type of Test


Number of Questions



Rs 500

Roles offered to Certified Big Data Developer : Hbase + Pig

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Big Data Developer
  • Technical Project Lead
  • Big Data Team Lead
  • Technical Architect
  • Hadoop Big Data Developer
  • Big Data Solutions Architect

What is special about AMCAT Big Data Developer: Hbase + Pig certification?

“Big Data Developer: Hbase + Pig” certification by AMCAT can be earned by giving a test. The test design is based on the hiring pattern and skills required by today’s IT Industry, therefore, its certification is widely acknowledged and readily accepted by businesses. The certification test is a user-oriented assessment, it allows you to take the exam at home and also provides sample questions for practice.

This certificate is presented to Your Name for successfully completing the certification

According to his/her assessment scores, Your Name is employable for the following job profiles/sectors and is strongly recommended to be considered for the job opprotunities in these profile/sectors:

Big Data Developer : Hbase + Pig

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