I am unable to get interview calls after applying for jobs

Interview Calls and Selection

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I am unable to get interview calls after applying for jobs

You should wait for some time to receive interview calls after applying for the jobs. The companies take time as per their requirements to conduct the interviews. You will get an update on your application status as soon as the company send the interview call letters.

If you do not receive any communication regarding that job, the chances are you are not shortlisted for the next round of that job opening.

Things that you should consider if you do not receive interview calls for a long time.

Please check your profile on myAMCAT. Ensure that it is updated. Points to look for:

  1. Contact details like mobile phone, email ID.
  2. Current location/address
  3. Degree details/completion details/percentage marks


In case your profile is updated and correct, you may have scored low in AMCAT. First of all, you should properly go through your detailed feedback report. The report will help you understand the areas where you haven’t fared well and ways to improve your employability and AMCAT scores.

Post reading the report, we recommend you train yourself by using the reading material and prepare yourself better.

You may re-attempt the AMCAT after 45 days of your latest attempt. Book AMCAT

Note: Different industries/companies have different criteria on different sections of the test. While some companies look for high scores in some areas, others might choose a different score.

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