Interview Calls and Selection

Questions and answers related to Interview calls and selection on the basis of AMCAT scores

How can I receive interview call letter from XYZ company?

If there is a job present on myamcat.com for XYZ company, you can follow the given steps to get a chance to receive an interview call letter

  • Step 1: Book AMCAT: If you have already taken the AMCAT, you can skip it.
  • Step 2: Take AMCAT exam: Reach the test center and take the AMCAT exam (Or AMCAT test at Campus)
  • Step 3: Apply on Jobs: After your scores are available, you can apply for your desired job and company. Visit the job description page and click on the Apply button to apply for the job
  • Step 4: If your profile is shortlisted by the company for interview, you will receive the interview call letter.

Note: You should have a valid AMCAT subscription and scores to be able to apply for jobs and receive interview calls.

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