How do AMCAT scores help in receiving job opportunities?


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How do AMCAT scores help in receiving job opportunities?

We have partnered with various companies who shortlist the candidates on the basis of their AMCAT scores along with other preferences like Degree, graduation year etc. 

Stage 1: Apply on Jobs

After your scores are generated, you need to apply on jobs you are interested in, to receive interview calls.

  • You can apply to jobs on your own from our jobs page. Apply for jobs
  • Keep a check on your email inbox as you will receive invite/shortlisting emails for various job opportunities on the basis of your scores and their preferences. 
    If you are invited or shortlisted, you should go ahead and apply for jobs on the portal to receive further communication regarding the interview calls.

Stage 2: Interview Call letters

If your profile is selected on the basis of your score and company preference, you will receive the interview call letter having interview location and timings to appear for the interview.

Please make sure that you add the email addresses (, in your email contacts to keep receiving emails regarding shortlisted candidates and interview calls.

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