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AMCAT brought to you by Aspiring Minds India's leading Employability solutions company

Talent Search ®

AMCAT is taken by 1000s of job seekers every day, forming India's Largest database of certified Entry level talent. The database with detailed evaluation scores in English, aptitude, technology, domain skills, personality makes recruitment very targeted, accurate and efficient. The objective search, automated response management and very low cost make it an ideal tool for high quality recruitment. Start here

Talent Evaluation

Aspiring Minds is a leader in scientific talent evaluation tools ranging from Language, Aptitude, Personality and Domain skills. Pioneering adaptive, standardized IRT based assessments, simulation based tools and situational assessments, Aspiring Minds assessments are used by over 100 blue chip companies across the country. Learn more

Campus Solutions

Aspiring Minds today is by far the largest campus recruitment solution provider in the country, running some of the largest campus programs and facilitating over 60,000 recruitments every year. With solutions to blend on-campus, off-campus, pool campus, just in time hiring; end to end on-campus automated assessments and process; bio-metric proctoring; auto proctoring and event management - Aspiring Minds is a full service campus recruitment solutions company. Reach our campus specialists

Smart Hiring

Aspiring Minds close engagement with its customer to help optimize recruitment process, training yields and on-floor performance of talent is key part of our offerings. Our analytics and engagement teams work regularly with our clients and partners to benchmark talent, predict key competencies contributing to success of your top performers, optimize type I and type II errors in recruitment, etc. Learn more here

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