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July 25,2022
How To Answer “Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?”

The most commonly asked question during a job interview by a recruiter is “Why do you want to leave your current job?” Understanding the reason is relevant.The most commonly asked question during a job interview by a recruiter is “Why do you want to leave your current job?” The main reason behind asking this question is to understand the reason behind leaving your current job and to know which is the most important thing for you in a job.

If in case, you are not very keen about leaving your current job and are just planning to give the interviews to see what is out there in the market at present, be prepared with your answers to let the interviewer know that you are giving interviews just for the experience. You aren’t looking actively for a change.

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Here are a few ways in which you can answer the question “Why do you want to leave your current job?”

Want to grow and learn more

When you need to provide a reason and explanation behind this, you can say that the learning curve has flattened and you want to grow further and learn more. This will showcase your willingness towards hard work, and willingness to learn, and also that you want to help the future company to grow more.

Want to be more responsible

To prove that you are ambitious and want to attain a certain set of targets, taking responsibility for the same is extremely important. By answering this question the interviewer will automatically get to understand how focused you are towards it.

Current job requires frequent traveling

There are a lot of profiles that require traveling that can be within as well as outside India, depending upon the requirement. At times, frequent travel can be challenging and one can find it difficult to manage and may want to take a break from this schedule. Hence, it is normal and natural to look for a job that has less travel and you can provide the above justification when you are being asked this question at the time of the interview.

Expiry date of the contract is close

It is very common that a lot of companies these days hire employees on a contractual basis. If you are working for an organization on a contractual basis, it is obvious that you would want to start looking for a permanent opportunity before the contract expires. You can use this as a reason when you’ll be asked why you would want to make a switch from your current job.

Willingness to relocate

A lot of professionals prefer to relocate to their hometown after staying away from their family for a long period. In such cases, switching job becomes a requirement at that time, since the situation demands that.

Let us now talk about the other side of the story, and discuss – How one should not answer “why do you want to leave your current job?”

Always keep in mind, whatever and however the journey has been for you always keep in mind there are certain things which you can never say no matter what. Never bad-mouth about the company, do not talk for more than a minute on this topic, and avoid giving an answer that is not related to work or your career progress, since any of these answers can leave a negative impact on the recruiter. Just remember, always be cautious and ready with your answers!

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