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February 10,2020
Who Can Give AMCAT PRO? What Is The Eligibility Criteria?
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Searching for a good job can be quite a task, isn’t it? And, that’s why we have launched AMCAT PRO: The Interview Assurance Program to ensure that you win the race to your dream job with ease.

AMCAT PRO is a better, smarter and more feasible version of the regular AMCAT. It comes with a guarantee of minimum three interview calls in three months (of giving AMCAT PRO exam) basis your AMCAT score. And, in case we fail to deliver on this guarantee, then you will get your money back.

With AMCAT PRO, your job search becomes a breeze as our algorithm will find and send you jobs based on your interests and score from across the country.

However, AMCAT PRO, as of now, caters to only specific candidates. So, find out whether you are eligible for it or not.

Are you eligible for AMCAT PRO?

Candidates who have passed out in 2019 and have a full-time degree approved or/and recognised by AICTE/UGC are eligible for the interview assurance of AMCAT PRO.

Also, only candidates who have purchased AMCAT PRO at Rs 1200+ GST can avail the AMCAT PRO assurance.

Please note that AMCAT PRO and AMCAT are two different products even though their exam is the same.

As for candidates from other batches, you can opt for the normal AMCAT, get a good AMCAT score and apply for the opportunities available on the AMCAT portal.

AMCAT hosts a lot of great job opportunities that can be yours if you score well in the AMCAT exam. So, don’t underestimate its value.


AMCAT can be a great option for candidates who are on their job search. It comes with a horde of opportunities that you can apply for with just a few clicks.

However, AMCAT PRO comes with an interview assurance of minimum 3 interviews or moneyback.

So, if you are a 2019 batch candidate, then make your choice right away, step on the success gear and jump-start your career with AMCAT PRO.

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