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June 17,2022
Performance Appraisal Questions And Answers To Ace Your Review

Organizations conduct periodic performance appraisal on a formal or informal basis to evaluate the effectiveness of work.Feedback is essential to identify strengths and weaknesses. In every organization, performance appraisal provides employees feedback on how to maximize strengths and reduce weaknesses. Organizations conduct periodic performance appraisals on a formal or informal basis to evaluate the effectiveness of work performed by employees throughout the period. These appraisal meetings mostly take place on a one-to-one basis between only employee and manager at a time to maintain confidentiality. And it is through discussions like these that eligible periodic increments and bonuses are communicated, and employees get an estimated timeline of when the promotion will happen.

There is no comprehensive list of questions that a manager would ask employees during a performance appraisal meeting. Still, there are a few standard questions that employees mostly encounter from their manager during this meeting and should be prepared before the meeting. These questions are: Did you achieve your goals at the beginning of the year? What were your most significant achievements this year? What challenges have you faced, or what are improvement areas? Do you think your career is going on the right path with the company?

Appraisal meetings allow employees to raise career-related concerns, and answering all the questions properly can advance the career. Employees should be prepared with facts and figures to back up assertions. Providing specific data to back up your responses can help improve your evaluation’s authenticity.

Employees should talk about their strengths and give real examples of the last year’s big and small achievements, for example, achieving target sales figures, completing an education course, participating in community service, or mentoring new colleagues. The employee should remember that the employer already has the performance assessment report. Thus honest self-appraisal responses are required.

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While addressing questions on challenges faced, an employee should focus more on answering how the challenge was successfully overcome. This is also a suitable opportunity to present any issue employees face at work that requires attention. And when asked about weakness, an employee should not mention that he has no weakness but rather give a more realistic answer by saying small work-related mistakes.

Employees should identify their career goals and then estimate whether their career is going on the right path to achieve those goals. An appraisal meeting is the right time to discuss goals, and the focus should be on long-term goals like getting a certification or learning leadership skills.

Employees should enter the appraisal meeting positively and be truthful in all their answers.  Employees should be constructive and not defame the company or accuse managers for lower increments or bonuses. Answers provided should be smart and backed up by data, and the tone in which the answer is provided should be polite. Employees should maintain calmness and not get carried away by emotions.

To ensure the correct answers are provided to the manager, employees can do a mock interview with friends or family to rehearse the answers. Remember to review the above tips and make the most of your next appraisal session.

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