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March 25,2020
What Are The Chances Of Getting Interview Calls Through AMCAT PRO
Terms and conditions apply
Terms and conditions apply

AMCAT PRO: The Interview Assurance Program by AMCAT, comes with a guarantee of minimum three interview calls within three months of giving the exam or you will get your money back. This assurance program is a promise by AMCAT and a show of confidence that we can get you the best opportunities possible, given that you believe in us and score well in the AMCAT exam.

Chances of getting interview calls through AMCAT PRO

So far, we have been able to cater to 100% of the candidates who have booked AMCAT PRO and we are confident that we will continue to do so in the future too.  So, if you opt for AMCAT PRO, then you have a higher chance than your peers to get interview calls in a company of your choice.

And, it says how confident we are that we can get you the promised number of interviews since this program comes with a money-back promise. So, if you don’t get minimum three interview offers basis your AMCAT score, then it will be on us.

With AMCAT PRO, our team of experts will search for the best opportunities for you from across the country and send them to you. That means, you will be free to go ahead and prepare for the upcoming interviews while we do all the work in the background and introduce you to the best opportunities possible.

Score needed in AMCAT PRO

The qualifying score for this interview assurance program is 400+ across all modules (compulsory and otherwise) and 16+ in Automata Fix. However, if you want the highest paying opportunities, then you need to score accordingly.

AMCAT PRO score and membership
AMCAT PRO score and membership

In the table above, it is clear that your score will determine the membership you qualify for. For example, if you score 500+ in all modules and 46+ in Automata Fix only then will you qualify for Gold membership and 5 LPA+ opportunities.

Please do keep in mind that your lowest score will determine the membership you qualify for. If you score 550 in three out of four modules and 400 in any one of the modules, then you will qualify for Bronze membership.

The LPA of the job interviews that you receive will totally depend on the membership you qualify for. So, make sure that you are scoring equally well in all the modules. That means, an extra dose of hard work throughout.

If you score less than 400 marks in any of the modules, then you will be considered ineligible for this interview assurance program.


It is our responsibility to get you job interviews basis your score and so far, 100% candidates have received interviews through AMCAT PRO. So, stop worrying and focus on giving your best shot in the exam.

All the best!

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