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Knowing AMCAT
February 03,2020
Will AMCAT PRO Be Tougher Than The Regular AMCAT?
Your AMCAT score will help you find your dream opportunity
Your AMCAT score will help you find your dream opportunity

AMCAT or the Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test helps job seekers showcase their skills-set and prep up for their dream opportunity. However, AMCAT PRO: The Interview Assurance Program by AMCAT is a step ahead of the regular AMCAT in the sense that it comes with an interview assurance or moneyback guarantee.

Since AMCAT PRO comes with an AMCAT assurance does that mean that the AMCAT PRO exam is actually tougher than the regular AMCAT exam?

Is AMCAT PRO tougher than the regular AMCAT?

No, the AMCAT PRO exam and the regular AMCAT exam are the same. So, the AMCAT PRO exam is not tougher than the regular AMCAT exam. It is just that you will arrive at the same exam through two different mediums – one which comes with an assurance and one without it.

As such, your preparation strategy for the AMCAT PRO exam should be the same. So, focus on the syllabus, be clear on the concepts and practice the sample papers.

Tips to prepare for the AMCAT PRO exam

Have a timetable

The first and foremost thing that you need to do to prepare for the AMCAT PRO exam is to come up with a well-defined timetable.

Ensure that the timetable gives you enough time to cover all the topics – both compulsory and optional modules. At the end of the preparation, you should also have some spare time to revise the syllabus.

Go through the sample papers

There are a few AMCAT exam sample papers available on the AMCAT portal. Go through it to get an understanding of what to expect from the exam.

Solve as many sample papers as you can to build your question-solving stamina and to increase your overall speed and confidence.

Practice through PrepAMCAT

PrepAMCAT is an important AMCAT exam preparation tool. So, book your PrepAMCAT right away because the better your score in AMCAT PRO the better opportunities you will get.

PrepAMCAT is very similar to the actual AMCAT exam and can help you check your readiness for the test. It can also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and which are the sections on which you need to focus on more.

AMCAT exam preparation
AMCAT exam preparation

Why choose AMCAT PRO

AMCAT can help you connect with the right recruiters and get you closer to your dream job. However, AMCAT PRO can do this and more.

AMCAT PRO is an interview assurance program which assures that you will get a minimum of three interviews in three months basis your AMCAT score or you will get your money back.

AMCAT score required for AMCAT PRO
AMCAT score required for AMCAT PRO

So, if you are looking for a job, then AMCAT PRO should be your choice because it creates a win-win situation for you.

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