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February 08,2021
AMCAT Computer Science Module – Detailed Preparation Tips

AMCAT Computer Science Module comprises important topics such as computer operating system, DBMS, architecture, etcetera.
Therefore, it assesses students based on the fundamental knowledge of technology, computer networking, programming and more.

AMCAT Computer Science Module
AMCAT Computer Science Module

Competence is the basis of job selection. Therefore, major companies forage the credibility of skills and knowledge. AMCAT tests bridge this gap. For various technical roles, knowledge of Computers science is imperative because it is the foundation for gradual expertise.

Many organizations benchmark the AMCAT test score as an essential part of the shortlisting process.

Thus, students must stay aware of the length and breadth of the CS module while applying for technical roles. Hence, here is a comprehensive insight into the AMCAT Computer science module. Kindly check the space below:-

What is the AMCAT Computer Science Module?

What is the AMCAT Computer Science Module?
What is the AMCAT Computer Science Module?

The AMCAT employability test’s syllabus is divided into two categories:-

i. Compulsory ii. Optional

The former category is mandatory for all kinds of jobs: non-technical or technical. The latter one is used for specialization-oriented jobs.

The computer science module is a part of the AMCAT test’s optional category only. This section assesses a students’ understanding of the basics and advanced concepts of information technology.
Therefore, the students must stay abreast with the AMCAT computer science module. Here is a comprehensive overview of the same. Scroll down below to know more.

Comprehensive Overview of AMCAT Exam Computer Science Module

AMCAT Computer Science module evaluates someone based on one’s understanding of the basics of this subject. Kindly checked a detailed overview of the same:-

1. AMCAT computer science questions revolve around important topics such as:-
i. computer architecture,
ii. computer networks,
iii. DBMS, etcetera.

2. Number of Questions in AMCAT Exam CS Module:-

There are a total of 20 questions in the Computer Science module of the AMCAT test.

3. Duration of CS section:-

Students will be provided 20 minutes to attempt 20 questions during the test. This implies students will be provided 1 minute/question.

Let’s have a look at the AMCAT exam CSE section:-

AMCAT Exam Computer Science Module Syllabus

There are three broad categories of the AMCAT exam CS module. Each classification has its subcategories. Thus, students must remain clear about the topics as per the categorization. Kindly check below

I. Operation System and Computer Architecture

i. Basics of OS,
ii. Computer Architecture,
iii. Process Management,
iv. Memory Management,
v. I/O and File Management,
vi. Process Communication and Synchronization.

II. Computer Networks

i. Basics of Computer Networks,
ii. Reference Network Model,
iii. Routers.


i. Basics of DBMS,
ii. Data Model,
iii. TRC,
iv. DRC,
v. Architecture,
vi. Normalization,
vii. SQL,
viii. Indexing

Befitting Job Profiles Based on AMCAT Computer Science Module

Befitting Job Profiles Based on AMCAT Computer Science Module
Befitting Job Profiles Based on AMCAT Computer Science Module

CS module is an optional section of the AMCAT test. This implies that it is used for assessment for certain jobs only. Thus, students must stay aware of befitting roles. Students will get n numbers of opportunity in the technical fields based on the AMCAT CS module score. Hence, here is a list of important job profiles to get an idea of the opportunities:-

i. Software Quality Assurance Engineer,
ii. Full Stack Developer,
iii. Game Developer,
iv. Software Architect,
v. Computer and Information Research Scientist,
vi. Mobile App Developer,
vii. Embedded Software Engineer, etcetera

Every company looks for skills and credibility. AMCAT assessment tests one’s capabilities in various aspects. Therefore, it acts like a corroboration of one’s aptitude in various subjects. Technical roles are highly demanding and skill-oriented. Thus it becomes imperative for the students to take such an assessment as the company use it as the basis of the selection process.

How to prepare for AMCAT Computer Science Module?

Tips and Assistance
AMCAT CS Module Tips and Assistance

Now, that we know in detail about the CS module. Thus, it is important to prepare for the same strategically. Find below the necessary preparation tips for the Computer Science module in AMCAT:-

1. Prepare a timetable because it structures your daily routine. Thus, in this way, one can accustom their schedule in a disciplined manner.

2. Go through the basics of the subject once. Then try to upgrade one level after others. Hence, in this way, students can choose the correct answer with surety and not some fluke.

3. Kindly stick to the topic instead of tergiversating around multiple topics. Therefore, stick to the relevant points to prepare systematically.

4. Prepare only through authentic sources because it may lead students astray if not thought well. Since there are numbers of sources available in the market. Therefore students must stay aware of the same.

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No matter how compelling one’s resume maybe but it always boils down to their skills. Thus, lose no opportunity and get that dream job by acing the AMCAT computer science module.

All the best!

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