What is the benefit of AMCAT subscription?

Extend Subscription

Important information on extending the AMCAT Subscription

What is the benefit of AMCAT subscription?

AMCAT subscription provides you the annual access to the benefits which you get along with your AMCAT attempt.

Benefits of AMCAT subscription are:

  • 1-year validity of your AMCAT scores and certificates
  • Eligible to apply for unlimited jobs on myamcat.com
  • AMCAT Certificates (recognized by 2000+ companies)
  • Comprehensive feedback (Assessment of strengths, and weaknesses)
  • Personalized Job recommendations

To avail the privileges of AMCAT subscription after 1 year, you need to extend the subscription. You can extend the validity of your AMCAT subscription to 1 or 2 additional years by using the given link.

Extend AMCAT Subscription

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