What is a good AMCAT score to get job invites?

Shortlisting and Invites

How to receive job invites after giving the AMCAT exam

What is a good AMCAT score to get job invites?

Different industries/companies have different criteria on different sections of the test. While some companies look for high scores in some areas, others might choose a different score. Hence there is no ONE good score. 

The section Job Match in the feedback report informs a candidate about his or her chances of getting selected in companies of different sectors and the subjects to improve on, in order to get into the sector of his/her choice.

Apart from the right scores, at a given point of time, job opportunities depend on a variety of factors which include:

  • the company that is hiring at that point of time
  • the area/region that the company is hiring
  • specific qualification/eligibility of the company currently hiring

Aspiring Minds will actively reach out to you over email and SMS as soon as there is a job opportunity for you.

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