Know more about AMCAT exam and its benefits to get job opportunites

My college is conducting the AMCAT exam but I won’t be able to attend it. What should I do?

You should try your best to appear for the AMCAT exam at your college. Any delay in taking the AMCAT can deprive you of job opportunities and reduce the time to prepare yourself based on the feedback report.

However, if you cannot take the AMCAT in your college due to unavoidable reasons,

  1. You will need to register on MyAMCAT portal to book AMCAT and appear for the AMCAT exam in your city at a nearby Aspiring Minds designated test center on a specific date and time.
  2. If there are a large number of students interested in taking the AMCAT at your college, you can request Aspiring minds to conduct the test again. You can raise a support query from the given link and state your query accordingly.

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