Questions and Answers on AMCAT Subscription validity

I am unable to apply for jobs, has my AMCAT subscription expired?

If you are unable to apply for jobs, it may be due to two cases:

  • Case 1: AMCAT subscription has expired: Your AMCAT subscription is valid for 1 year from the date of your AMCAT attempt. You can check your subscription end date on user dashboard by logging into your account.

  • Case 2: Scores are not generated: You have to take the AMCAT exam first and wait for the scores to be generated. If your scores are not available on your dashboard, please visit the below link to know more about scores generation.
    I have not received my AMCAT scores

  • Case 3: AMCAT exam not taken: You have to take AMCAT exam by booking it from our website first and then after your scores are available, you would be able to apply on jobs.
    Book AMCAT

Note: Please make sure that you are applying for the jobs from your account and same email address from which you took the AMCAT exam.

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