How do I search for jobs as per my requirement?

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How to apply on jobs on MyAMCAT

How do I search for jobs as per my requirement?

You can find jobs as per your requirement from the filters on left section of the jobs page. The given filters can help you find the jobs:

  • Type of Jobs: Select the type of job as per your interest.
    • Invites: Job invites which you have received from various companies.
    • Premium jobs: These are high salary jobs or jobs from reputed companies. 
    • Preferred Jobs: These are jobs as per your saved preference. You can update your preferences from this link. In case you have not updated your job preferences in your myamcat account. The preferred jobs are fetched on the basis of your past job applications.
    • Skill Matching Jobs: These jobs are as per your AMCAT scores, degree, and graduation year.
  • Location: Find jobs as per your preferred locations.
  • Experience type: Fresher or Experienced. Different companies have different requirements.
  • Salary: Apply filter on the salary expectations and filter jobs.
  • Education: Find jobs on the basis of your degree.
  • Graduation year: Find jobs on the basis of your year of graduation.
  • Industry: Find jobs on the basis of industries like Education, Finance, Marketing, Automotive, Construction etc.
  • Date posted: Find jobs on the basis of the date that they were posted.

Important points to note:

  • You can search for job role or company name from the search bar on the Jobs page.
  • The tags on the Job cards as follows:
    • Preferred: The job matches your preferences like Role, location etc.
    • Skill: The job matches your profile on the basis of AMCAT scores, graduation year and degree
    • Yellow badge: It denotes a premium job.

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