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How do I prepare for the AMCAT?

The AMCAT exam consists of 4 compulsory and 2 optional modules. The modules assess user’s aptitude, personality and core knowledge in the field of interest i.e. field of study or bachelors/Masters.

  1. You can prepare for Aptitude and Language modules from any aptitude book available in the market. However, you should know the topics in those modules. Check the syllabus from the below mentioned link.
  2. For the domain knowledge section, you should check the syllabus of the modules from the given link and prepare accordingly with your choice of books.
  3. Personality module requires no preparation. This module contains basic situational questions which require honest response of users. 
  4. There is no particular source from which you can prepare for AMCAT. You should focus on getting all of your concepts right. 

Please check Sample papers for various modules provided by us to understand the type of questions you will get in the AMCAT exam.

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