Pick Right Career Path With AMCAT – Aayushi’s Success Story

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April 11,2022
Pick Right Career Path With AMCAT – Aayushi’s Success Story

One of the best career decisions I've ever made was appearing for the AMCAT exam

One of our candidates Aayushi, got to know about AMCAT from her college when she was in second year. She told us that by giving the AMCAT exam one can make their professional life easier, especially if someone is a fresher, looking for a job, and is still confused about which area or field they should begin their career with. She further explained that the AMCAT feedback report which is provided after the exam along with the scores is the deal-breaker since it helps the person to pick the correct path.

Would you like to know more about her journey? Then continue reading to find out more about it.

Aayushi, why did you opt for AMCAT?

“My college had previously introduced me to AMCAT in my 4th semester. So, it was the only employability platform I was most familiar with” said Aayushi

Did you have any issues in your job search? Please tell us more about it.

“No, AMCAT is a user-friendly platform where all potential candidates can easily find the relevant opportunities. As a whole, I had a wonderful experience with AMCAT.”

Tell us about the job you got through AMCAT?

“I got a position of Associate Quality Assurance Engineer at SHL besides other offers. I would like to mention this particular offer amongst all the offers that I received because of the standard of the company and the ease of the process. There was no lapse of communication for me and was well-informed at every stage of the selection process,” told Aayushi.

What role did the AMCAT feedback report play in the process?

“AMCAT feedback report helped me in assessing my shortcomings and my weak areas. I worked on them harder than before and polished my skills to match the industrial requirements. AMCAT feedback report accurately described each and every in detail which was a great revelation to me. It cleared all doubts and gave me a transparent self-assessment of myself.”

Would you recommend AMCAT to others? Why?

“Yes, I’ll for sure recommend AMCAT to others. I will recommend AMCAT for two primary reasons, Affordability and Quality.

  • Firstly, the AMCAT assessments and courses are affordable and cater to the entire development of a candidate.
  • Secondly, AMCAT assessment reports are no less than a mirror for honest self-evaluation,” concluded Aayushi.

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We Wish You All The Best!

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