Manish’s Transformation From NCC Cadet To An Engineer With AMCAT

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July 24,2021
Manish’s Transformation From NCC Cadet To An Engineer With AMCAT

AMCAT exam helps you in finding jobs by evaluating through multiple test modules. Finding a job during pandemic has been a struggle for almost every fresher. AMCAT is India’s leading employability test and is an exceptional tool that does not only help in job search, but also in examining one’s ability. The pandemic has come been a tough time for all the job seekers, especially freshers. Recently, we had a productive conversation with our candidate, Manish Choubey. He told us about his journey from a NCC cadet to Business Intelligence Engineer at SHL India.

Manish explains how the exam turned his struggle into an easy task as in today’s time adjusting to the transitioning world is not easy. Here, we are presenting you an exclusive conversation with Manish himself. Herein, he told us about the challenges faced, how AMCAT assisted him, helped him get his first job, and more.

Manish is an honest, disciplined & hardworking person with a positive attitude and holds a bachelor’s degree in technology in the Computer Science and Engineering field from Lovely Professional University. He decided to opt for AMCAT for better placement opportunities. During the process, he didn’t face any difficulty with AMCAT, but he faced issues while giving Technical and Aptitude tests for different companies.

He got selected in the first company in which he had applied via AMCAT and he further explained that this is a very good platform where based on the score one can apply in different companies which are offering considerably high packages. He further added that he received many calls but since he has joined SHL, he declined other offers. Manish further told us, that he is getting a great experience and is in the learning phase, and based on AMCAT’s feedback report one can understand in which area they should work upon, and which area they are good, AMCAT test is very friendly having all type of questions.

He concludes by saying AMCAT is highly recommended, one has to work hard for the exam only one time, and then they can focus on the interview and other processes.

If you are also sailing in the same boat, then here is your chance to get a great opportunity with a high-paying salary package.

If in case you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our best wishes to him for his future endeavors.

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