AMCAT, Best Career Decision – Success Story Of Abhishek Reddy

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July 18,2023
AMCAT, Best Career Decision – Success Story Of Abhishek Reddy

I decided to opt for AMCAT because being a fresher, one needs to explore the most before entering the corporate world in order to achieve career decisions says Y V Abhishek Kumar Reddy.

Finding a job straight after graduation might seem to be a difficult task – AMCAT is one stop solution for the same. This is an exceptional tool not just for job search. It plays a vital role in to examining a person’s competence for different job opportunities.

Abhishek placed at Techsophy

As a fresher, you need to explore and get the most appropriate career opportunities while entering the corporate world. Most of the candidates do not get shortlisted at initial stages, but AMCAT helps in accessing and improvising of their core competencies. Hence, increasing the chances of getting an interview call.

Why did you opt for AMCAT?

“As a fresher, one needs to explore and get the most suitable job while entering the corporate world. So, I felt AMCAT is good at it.”, Abhishek Kumar said.

Tell us about the job you got through the exam?

“I got placed in Techsophy with the help of AMCAT, and during the process I had lot of companies to apply for.

The application process here is very smooth and it merely takes 1-2 mins.

I’m extremely satisfied with my decision regarding opting for AMCAT.”

What role did AMCAT exam feedback report played in accessing your performance?

Abhishek appreciated the way AMCAT report helped him in understanding where he lagged not just in terms of performance as well as required areas.

“AMCAT has provided me with a detailed feedback based on the performance and areas I need to improve on. I’ve focused on those areas where I lag.”

Would you like to recommend AMCAT to others based on your placement? Why?

“Of course, I will. When you get opportunities with AMCAT at your own device. What else does a fresher need?” Abhishek concluded.

Our best wishes to him for his future endeavors.

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