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Myamcat is India’s largest job portal for hiring assessed candidates. Over 3 Lakhs candidates appear for AMCAT every year, out of which, 1 lakh opt for the computer programming module.

The module evaluates entry level talents exposure and expertise in Computer Programming. This module is agnostic to programming languages and does not require the candidates to code during the test.

Each candidate appearing for this module gets a score that is a predictor of his/her performance in software programming roles.

An employer can shortlist the candidates based on their scores on this module along with other filters like overall amcat scores or their graduation degrees and year.

The AMCAT is a standardised adaptive test mechanism which assesses the candidate’s employability on three common modules and their specific course papers. A entry level candidate looking to join the IT industry need to appear for the below modules:

  1. English
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Quantitative aptitude
  4. Computer Programming

We use computer programming as one of the assessments to shortlist candidates for software development roles. This increases the supply of employable candidates when compared to using aptitude test only.

We have observed that basic capability in Computer Programming is a much better predictor of training success as opposed to logical or quantitative ability. And this basic capability in programming is available far in abundance than very high logical/quant ability. Recent research has shown that assessing just English, Logical and Quantitative skills during hiring restricts the employable supply of candidates. Introducing computer programming test allows us to lower cut-offs on logical ability as we are using a better predictor now. Our database of close to 250,000 candidates who have taken these modules show that keeping consistent hiring criteria, actually increases the supply of candidates if we introduce computer programming module.

  1. We have a large pool of pre assessed B.Tech graduates whose test scores predict that they are fit for entry level software engineering roles. Some of these candidates are still pursuing college graduation.
  2. Depending on your requirement, we will find and match the right set of candidates for your job opening.
  3. Once you shortlist, our team will schedule interviews (telephonic, face-to-face or video conferencing) with the candidates
We work with over 3000 corporates from diverse industries like IT, consulting, analytics, hospitality, marketing and others. Our clientele includes brands like Accenture, Cognizant, Uber, Mphasis and Byju’s.
Yes. When it comes to Startups and SMEs, the companies are specifically looking for cost effective methods to hire talent, which can fit into their budgets. Here, the AMCAT is the perfect solution - providing matched resources, saving time and bringing down the associated cost of hiring.
We assess 1.5 Lakh B.Tech freshers every year. We are able to do this because of our on-ground infrastructure amid engineering campuses. We reach out to 3000 campuses across India.
Your first job posting will be free but you will have to pay from the hiring from your second job posting based on your plan you choose.