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3 - 5 Years   |   10 - 20 LPA   |   Calcutta, New Delhi
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We need a writer who can write texts like this one:

Essays are common assignments among college students. Every student has to write essays at some point of his academic life and therefore he must be aware of the skills and methods needed to write an essay. But whatever level of expertise you have, you must choose a good topic to write a good essay. In this article made by essayhelpontime, I will give some interesting topic ideas for an essay paper. They are as follows:

1.    Personal Experience

Choose a topic that you have personal experience with. Writing about a topic that you are familiar with is easier, since they need less research and efforts. Besides, you will not feel stressed out in the course of your assignment. Ultimately, you will end up finishing your essay with less stress levels. Consider the causes that you are affiliated with, sports or extracurricular activities that you feel passionate about, or major events that you have experienced through your life.

2.    Historical Figures

Historical figures can prove to be a good topic for an essay. Discuss a famous figure who existed in the history period you are interested in. You can include his life accounts, his role in a country and how he influenced that era of history. Or you can focus on a specific aspect of the life of a personality that people may not know.

3.    Current Affairs

Current affairs can make for a good subject for an essay. If you have been following a particular story, then you might use it as your topic. But if you are not updated with any recent event, you can get recent issues of newspapers and find an event that has a global impact. For example, you can discuss the recent “2012 Hurricane Sandy”, one of the costliest hurricanes in American history and second only to “2005 Hurricane Katrina”. Or you can shed light on “2012 presidential election of USA” and discuss re-election of Barrack Obama as President of America.

4.    Historical Topics

Focus your paper on major historical events. When we talk about historical events then World War I and World War II are definitely the two most unforgettable episodes of history. You can discuss how the World War I started or shed light on “League of Nations”. For a paper on World War II, you can reconstruct events that lead to the war such as Hitler’s hatred towards “Treaty Of Versailles” that lead him to form Nazi party, how he rose to power, and Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939.

Work Experience:

3 - 5 Years


10 - 20 LPA