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2 - 5 Years   |   22 - 40 LPA   |   New Delhi
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Research paper citation


Research paper citation is essential for two purposes, one to accept acknowledgment from others for the deep study conducted and another to support the arguments of the writer to avoid plagiarism. It is an essential portion of the entire writing process so that one is able to maximize the focus for the topic and the behavior of the other works to be takes into account.


A scholastic study is unquestionably an invaluable property of not only a scholar but also the academic community in general who benefit a lot from the content within. But it is the heading that determines the success or failure to reach its audience. The title for document, indeed, is considered as the most vital part of the writing, as it is the first thing your guide is likely to see and it is sure to create a fabulous impression on him.


How to fill up the reference page with a significant, appropriate and organized nature should be provided to you by the supervisor. As for the style of your cover page you may take advantage of the following tips from https://writemyessay.services/paper-writing-service/ website:

•Use a legible font which makes your heading easy to read.

•Keep your heading simple. Remember that too many pictures and words are likely to confound the readers.

•Keep the lines starting on the right or left margin which will make your study easier to read and create much stronger visual impression.

•You may add a graphic to your writing, yet make sure it does not overpower the text.


Keep in mind there must be contrast between the words and background so that your work is readable. Strategies to write the most impressive heading are offered by our writing masters who are perfectly aware of your academic needs and do everything possible to deliver your document on time without sacrificing the quality. A good paper would make sure that it follows in-text citation.


Once your explorative work is completed the only thing to do is to revise the heading for the text. Of course, it’s not that easy: it should impress your grouchy and meticulous professor by perfect synthesizing and abiding by all existing rules of writing a heading.


Follow some basic rules to name the scholastic reference study-your brainchild in order to outshine others in the rat race of today’s academicians.

1. Provide an informative title - be as precise as possible, don’t beat about the bush, summarize the main idea of the material

2. Include the following information in the order given:

1. Heading (in the biggest font size)

2. Secondary heading or subtitle (optional and in second biggest font)


• Use a single font

• Don’t confuse your reader by excessive illustrative elements

• Write with a lucid style and use simple words

• Type the author name of your manuscript and the year for sure

• Write the name of the referenced work and the volume number, page number if any.

Job Description

Writer-editor for journal

Work Experience:

2 - 5 Years


22 - 40 LPA