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Nofollow Blogs

Call Recorder

1 - 10 Years   |   30 - 50 LPA   |   Pakkekesang
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Nofollow blogs

Although links from  nofollow blogs have no value in terms of passing link juice or PR to your site, they can still be of great value to you.  Of course, most of thing I will discuss here are also applicable to dofollow blogs. In the preceding subsection I just singled out the  features that are solely pertinent to dofollow blogging, whereas here all additional benefits of blog commenting are considered.

Job Description

Traffic generation. Commenting on blogs with high traffic can bring a good traffic to your blog, provided, of course, your comments are valuable and interesting. No matter whether your comments are constructive (i.e. adding value to the post) or destructive (i.e. criticising statements and opinions in the post), they can be equally effective in bringing visitors to your site. Of course, you should stick to the generally accepted blogging etiquette and avoid common blogging DON’Ts.

Branding your name. This has already been mentioned in the Introduction, I just want to re-emphasize it here once again, as these is one of the greatest benefits blog commenting can bring about.
Be careful though, make only those statements of which you are 100% sure or, if that is an opinion,  do not  present it as an ultimate truth. Be considerate and polite, do not insult either blog owner or his visitors.

Building relationships. Again,  this aspect was mentioned previously, but should be reiterated here. By providing quality comments on regular basis you may be-friend interesting (but not necessarily popular, as those are often too busy) bloggers in your field. This is extremely important,  not only because you can find like-minded people and benefit from drawing inspiration for your own articles while reading their blogs, but also because the other blog owners may help you to promote your blog either intentionally (by commenting at your blog themselves, writing about your blog and/or your most interesting posts) or indirectly (by opening you a “green corridor” and accepting most of your comments and thus regularly sending you traffic).

Benefits for blog owners

As I said previously, blog commenting is mutually beneficial and blog owners may reap from it as many fruits as the commenters.

Free content. Regardless of  some “SEO gurus” saying that blog comments are greatly devalued by Google, they are still a content.  And what is more - it’s  FREE you can be completely sure to download now! It would surely be a shame to skip on such a wonderful opportunity, wouldn’t it???

Keeping the conversation lively.   Blog comments help you, as a blog owner, to get readers to pay attention to specific posts and keep the conversation lively. In this way they help to add live to your blog and make it (more) popular.

Indicator of popularity. Abundant comments indicate that a particular post resonate strongly with the blog readers , thus giving the blog owner a clue on what topics arouse most interest and  help the blogger to generate content that is attractive to readers. It also tells the blog owner that his readers enjoy reading the blog and take their time to share their thoughts and opinions.  All in all, it’s an excellent indicator of blog’s popularity.

Builds Your Blog readership. Remeber that question above - why would you want to make your blog dofollow? Well, here is the answer - If you allow dofollow feature for comments, it may notably enhance your blog popularityas visitors will come to leave a link to their sites and some of them may turn into your permanent visitors. As other popular bloggers say, installing dofollow helped them to make their blog a really friendly place.

Benefits of dofollow. There are also so called Dofollow Search Engines and Dofollow Networks that help the dofollow blog owners  to raise their popularity. Ultimately, both the commenters and blog owners help each other in promoting their blogs! Dofollow attribute tremendously enhanced participation and involvement of their readers.

The blog your are reading is also a DOFOLLOW BLOG.  You are welcome to leave a comment to this or any other posts on this blog, and if your comments adds a value to the post and/or expands on the topic,  I will certainly approve it!

In the next article I will consider Blog Commenting Techniques. This will discuss about where, when and how to do the commenting to make sure it is always (or nearly always) approved  and brings you the most benefits. Watch out for that!

Work Experience:

1 - 10 Years


30 - 50 LPA