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New Assessment Modules for BFSI Sector Launched

Aspiring Mind launched news modules for the AMCAT-BFSI suite. The new modules are:

  1. AMCAT Banking Readiness: To assess elementary banking knowledge of a candidate. Candidate is assessed on his knowledge on three macro themes within banking i.e. a)Financial Instruments having concepts like Mutual Funds, Insurance, Loans etc, b) Retail Banking Functions including various banking services, and c) Non retail Banking Functions.

  2. AMCAT Insurance Readiness: To assess the candidate's basic knowledge of insurance concepts as well as their practical application in the work place. The module is a good evaluation tool to check how 'ready' the candidate is for the insurance industry and is a surrogate measure of their interest or desire to be in the industry.

  3. Investment banking: The Investment Banking is an advanced module, designed to asses enhanced knowledge of candidate’s on various concepts of Financial Analysis and Valuations. The module has been designed for the people who have relevant industry experience in either Banks or Investment companies and thus are expected to be aware of elementary concepts.
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New Assessment Modules for BFSI Sector Launched
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