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Aspiring Minds' Machine Learning Competition Results Announced

Aspiring Minds announced the results of its Machine Learning Competition in first week of May. The first prize went to the LNCC team from Brazil, while the second prize was jointly shared by teams from IIT (Kanpur), ICFAI and Ghent University (Belgium). Over 760 teams from all parts of India, USA, UK, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Pakistan and Japan among others sent their entries into the competition. Bachelors, Masters, PhD students and those in corporate world have enthusiastically come forward and registered for the competition. Candidates from some of the best schools of the world including the IITs, NITs, MIT, Stanford, CMU, Harvard, Ghent, Delft and Purdue had registered for the competition.

The Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) Competition was launched by Aspiring Minds for young engineers across the world. A first of its kind, the competition provided a real world problem regarding meritocracy in jobs, which students have to solve by developing their own innovative algorithm. The entries were judged by Dr. Una-May O'Reilly, MIT (USA) together with experts from Aspiring Minds. You can get more details about the Machine Learning Competition at

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