Why research before a job interview is actually good for you

Why research before a job interview is actually good for you


Do you have your interview coming up? Well, you must be rehearsing the questions and answers that your interviewer may ask you. Here is an important aspect where most of us lack in the midst of other preparations – Company Research. Doing research on the organization you are about to interview with will allow you to assess whether the organization is right for you, ask better questions during the interview and help you craft better answers. You will also be able to articulate your role and responsibilities better.

Here are some quick tips for a thorough company research:

Go through the organization’s mission and vision
First thing first. It is highly recommended to note down the company mission, vision and values statements. This gives you a sneak peek to the company culture. You can wisely use this information to highlight why you are a good fit in your job interview.

Explore every single thing on the company website
Company website is where you can get a better understanding about the functioning of the company. It’s called the face of the company and is also the single best resource. Note down the minor details mentioned in the company page to develop probable answers to interview questions. Also make sure you check out the competitor websites to get information on developments in the company’s industry or sector.

Keep a check on the company’s recent achievements, news, strategic goals, special projects
You can use this information to prepare questions about the direction of the company to ask in your interview. This will equip you with an extra edge over others. You can do a google search by typing in the company’s name and checking out their latest press release and news section will give you an insights on the company’s latest endeavours.

The company’s employees
Whom you will be working with is an important thing to know! How do the employees relate to the company’s policies? How is the company treat its employees? You can find answers to such questions on Glassdoors.com, you can quickly go through the reviews shared in there.Also you can look on LinkedIn for past employees to see if they would be willing to chat with you about their experiences.

The company’s field, position and clients
What makes this company distinct from others? Where does it lag from its competitors? Or why it is the market leader? Check for these important information of the websites, forums or on magazines. Have a look at the organisational structure of the company, it can help you answer the question – where do you see yourself in 5 years? And most importantly make a list of all the clients that the company is dealing with presently and the clients that the competitors serves.

Last tip: 🙂 

It is also suggested that you filter out your social media presence. Be prepared to answer questions about your social media presence or personal brand during an interview.

Take your research with you to the interview. Let the interviewer see that you have taken the time and trouble to find out about the company beforehand.