Tips to beat the Monday blues!

Tips to beat the Monday blues!


Do you find yourself saying ‘Oh, no! It’s Monday’ every weekend?

If your answer is yes very often then you are a typical case of Monday blues. Freshers who’ve just begun working can very easily slip into this mode with Monday’s usually being one of the dreaded days of the week. We tell you a few ways you can try to make your Monday’s pleasant –

Plan right – Take 15-20 minutes on a Friday to plan ahead. If you start your day with a blank slate, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. Make a to-do list for yourself so that you can easily get into work mode once you are at work.

Don’t sleep in – Wake up around 30 minutes earlier so you get some extra time for yourself. Resist the temptation to hit the snooze button. Listen to some music, have a good breakfast or a cup of coffee with your family. Spend some time by doing what you like to start your day on a good note.

Avoid the weekend hangover – Plan your weekends in a way that your late night plans are kept for Saturday. Sleeping in very late on a Sunday is bound to make you irritable next morning. Get proper 8 hours of sleep so that you are fresh and well rested.

Go to the gym – If you love exercising, then start your day with the gym. This will definitely boost your energy levels and if you’re too lazy to go out then pick up a few exercises at home.

Keep your best look for Monday – You feel good when you look good so dress up well for a positive start to your week. Avoid running through the closet and pick out your clothes on Sunday night.

Try some upbeat music – Make a playlist of your favourite songs and listen to them on your way to work. You’ll feel much more cheerful and pepped up to begin your Monday.

Don’t keep everything for Monday – Don’t try and accomplish everything on Monday. It’s the start of the week and there will be some spill over to the coming days. Aim to complete your to-do list and plan your new tasks for the next day.

Feeling blue is not uncommon but you can get over it easily. Try out these tips and we’re sure you can start your Monday on a positive note :)