Why Should You Take A Mock Gate Test Before The Main Exam?

Why Should You Take A Mock Gate Test Before The Main Exam?


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The countdown has started and you have less than 50 days left for the GATE Exam 2019. The next few weeks of the GATE Exam preparation are critical for success. The one thing that can make or break your dream of achieving GATE cut-off is taking a mock GATE test. Previous toppers have vouched for the role of a mock GATE test and here is why –

  1. Feel of the test environment – The AM-GATE Mock exam is conducted in the closest possible way to the real GATE exam. The exam is conducted in the same pattern, same time and under the supervision of exam invigilators. Despite best efforts, it’s not possible to replicate this exam environment at home or college. You will end up taking breaks, or decide to break down the exam as you please. With the mock GATE test that’s not possible and you will experience the same stressors that will get you prepared for GATE exam 2019.

  1. Experience of the pattern and timing of the exam – The GATE exam is divided into sections of general questions and special technical questions. During GATE exam preparation most students attempt the same section across all papers. In the mock GATE test, you can familiarise yourself with the order of the questions and figure out how best to attempt them. Whether to tackle General ability first or technical sections, you will learn how to manage your time and plan better for the actual exam.

  1. Test of speed – During the GATE exam preparation at home, you can solve questions at your own pace. You will take breaks plus come back refreshed, all these things impact your performance. However, in a real test condition, you will suffer from stress, and you may end up taking more time to understand questions or answer them. This is why a mock GATE test will help you understand how fast you can attempt questions, and which questions take more time than expected.

  1. New questions – Most GATE aspirants go through multiple books and question banks, you will know all the questions and without you realising you will answer the question even without working on it! The AM-GATE Mock Exam has unseen and brand new questions that will be just like the real GATE Exam 2019. This way you will figure out how to answer new questions and finish them in time.

  1. Comparison of performance – When you are sitting at home and solving mock GATE test or previous exam question papers you have no way to test how you are performing against the rest of GATE aspirants. You don’t even know how others are preparing; you may only hear someone studying for 10 hours per day and others just 2 hours a day! The AM-GATE mock test is an excellent way to compare your test results and find out how you will stand nationally. It will help you get a realistic picture of your prospects after the GATE exam 2019.

  1. Evaluation of strengths and weakness – The mock GATE test will give you a comprehensive report of how you performed in the exam and what your strengths and weaknesses are. This will give you time to focus on your weakness at least a week before the exam and focus your GATE exam preparation only on those sections. This way you won’t spend time on unnecessary topics that you are good at but think otherwise!

  1. Confidence Boost – The most important thing that a mock GATE test will do is that it will boost your confidence! You will be ready to take on the actual GATE exam 2019 and be sure that you are good at it and attempt it well. The biggest problem that students face is fear, they are afraid of how well they are prepared and how they can fare in the exam. The GATE is often a career catalyst and this is why it’s important to take the exam seriously.



The AM-GATE Mock test is a great mock GATE test and also includes a free GATE counseling for qualified students. So, what’s holding you back!? Schedule your AM-GATE mock test 2019 today.


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