How Do Gate Exam Toppers Prepare For Aptitude Test?

How Do Gate Exam Toppers Prepare For Aptitude Test?


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The GATE Exam is an important exam for career progression, whether it is for admission into premier technology institutes or employment at PSUs.

The GATE Exam aptitude test is a critical component of the exam and often makes the difference in reaching the cut-offs. You cannot ignore this section or leave it at the last minute in your GATE 2019 preparation.

Let’s first take a look at the aptitude test marks and pattern –

  • The GATE Exam aptitude test is for 15 marks and makes up for 15% for all specializations of the GATE exam.
  • It includes 10 questions, and generally, 5 questions are of 1 marks each and 5 questions of 2 marks each
  • Like the other sections, you will lose 1/3rd mark for the wrong answer of 1 mark question and 2/3rd mark for the wrong answer of 2 marks questions

Here’s a look at the syllabus of the GATE aptitude test section –

  • Verbal Ability – English Grammar, Sentence Completion, Verbal Analogies, Word Groups, Instructions, Critical Reasoning, Verbal Deduction
  • Numerical Ability – Numerical computation, Numerical Estimation, Numerical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation


GATE Exam tips from Toppers for Aptitude Test

Start preparing early – The most important GATE Exam tips from toppers for cracking the aptitude test portion is to start early. Most students never prepare enough or leave it to the last minute. The best way to approach this is to prepare for aptitude in between technical subjects. Both the numerical and verbal ability syllabus should start with technical subjects, at least 3 months prior to the exam.

Go through Old Question Papers – Most students fail to refer to old question papers for the aptitude test. They are under the assumption that it is the same as any other aptitude test or campus recruitment test. But, GATE has different patterns for 1 mark and 2 mark questions, hence it’s best to cover all the previous questions papers. This will help you understand the pattern of questions asked.

Solve Question Banks – Once you have understood the pattern of the GATE Exam aptitude section, you can start practicing for the questions. The best way is to use a question bank with hundreds of questions. This works for Numerical ability, the more questions you solve, the quicker you get at solving the paper. Speed is important for the aptitude test as you can use that time to solve the rest of the paper.

Prepare word flash cards for Verbal Ability – Verbal Ability is a tough section for most GATE exam aspirants as it depends on the comfort with the English language. However, one of the most often given GATE exam tip from toppers is to use word cards for improving vocabulary. You can find readymade cards or just make some cards with the meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of the words and use them to prepare. Do this activity between studying for technical exams. It will help you take a break and prepare for words at the same time.

Take Mock Tests – The key factor that differentiates the toppers from the aspirants is their ability to assess their preparation and work on it. One of the biggest contributors to success is mock tests. The AM- GATE Mock test is the best way to test yourself against other students and get a realistic expectation of your marks. The tests will be conducted on 12th Jan 2019 and 19th Jan 2019, giving you enough time to revise your GATE 2019 preparation. The score will help you understand how you stand on a national level and the post-exam counseling will help you evaluate your application process for jobs and colleges.



You can find more GATE exam preparation tips in our special blog section on GATE. Also, if you have any specific queries about the GATE exam ask us in the comments below.