How To Best Prepare For GATE Exam 2019

How To Best Prepare For GATE Exam 2019



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Do you know that close to a million students appear for the GATE exam every year?

However, it is only a small percentage of these candidates who make it through. Now, we are not telling you this to dishearten you but to remind you how much hard work you need to put in for the upcoming GATE Exam 2019.

So, today we will focus on how to best prepare for the GATE exam 2019.


Know the syllabus

Before you start preparing, it is important that you are clear on the syllabus of the exam. Most people have a vague idea of the syllabus and they keep adding topics to their list as they move ahead.

Knowing the syllabus beforehand can help you plan better as to how you want to proceed.

Once you have the syllabus in hand, you can divide it on the basis of which topics you think would require most effort and time and which least. Prepare a list of the topics and divide them into those you have a conceptual understanding of and which you think would require a lot more effort.


Have a study plan

If you have joined any coaching institute for your GATE exam 2019 preparation, then it is likely that the institute will already have a study plan for you in place.

Discuss this with your teacher/s and gain insight on how they intend to proceed. Now work on your study plan accordingly so that it adds and helps you revise the things taught in the class.

Also, make a plan that will help you go through the whole syllabus in 2-3 months so that you have ample time to revise and practice.

However, if you are intending to prepare on your own, then your study plan needs to be all the more extensive as you will have to be both your teacher and student and revise the topics as well as teach them to yourself.


Make notes

You might be tired of hearing this but making notes is actually a great way to prepare for any exam and can help you immensely with your GATE exam 2019 preparation as well.

Most students do make notes in the start but slowly lose this habit as they realize they are able to understand and remember the concepts easily.

However, while you might think you have a grasp of the concept, you might not feel equally confident after 2 or 3 weeks and might want to come back to the topic and revise it.

So, make short notes of the concepts you learn, covering all or most of the syllabus. And, make longer notes of the new, unique questions you come across.

Sometimes during your GATE preparation, you might come across questions that were solved in a unique way. Make note of such questions and revise them once every week.


Give mock GATE tests

Mock GATE tests can be immensely helpful in your GATE exam 2019 preparation.

Aspiring Minds has taken a step ahead in the efforts to make GATE preparation easy for the candidates. Based on the exact pattern of the actual GATE exam, candidates can now take the all-new AM-GATE Mock test to assess their GATE exam 2019 preparations.

The AM-GATE Mock test allows the students to prepare and practice for the GATE exam. And, these mock exams are conducted in physical test centres which are very similar to the GATE exam centres. You can opt for two such GATE Mock tests.

The fee structures for the tests are –

AM-GATE Mock Test 1 – Rs 490 (+ GST)

AM-GATE Mock Test 2 – Rs 490 (+ GST)

AM-GATE Mock Test 1 + AM-GATE Mock Test 2– Rs 790 (+ GST)

Note: When you register for both AM-GATE Mock Test 1 and  AM-GATE Mock Test 2 then you get a full length GATE Online Practice Test(OPT) free of cost. What’s more? You also get a free MockAI access to hone on your interview skills.


Solve sample papers

Of course, it goes without saying that the more you practice for the GATE exam 2019, the better it would be. So, solve sample papers daily to a) improve your speed b) get into the flow of the subject c) perfect your understanding of the concepts by application of them.

Solving sample papers is a must and might seem a little tough, especially in the beginning. However, as your concepts get clearer and your understanding of the subject improves, so will your ability to solve the sample papers easily.



When preparing for GATE exam 2019, you should practice as many sample papers as possible, give AM-MockGATE test and be very clear on the syllabus. If you do everything right, then cracking the GATE exam would be no hard nut for you and you will be able to sail through without too many bumps.