Straight out of Geography Honors? Here are some interesting career options

Straight out of Geography Honors? Here are some interesting career options


Geography (H) might not be a first choice for most students but it’s not a dull and drab course that we think it is. Being successful in this field requires a lot of deep thinking, research and curating skills. So if you’re considering to opt for this major, here are a few exciting career options which you can explore –

1. Urban Planner/Community Development: Geography is a natural tie-in with urban or city planning. City planners work on zoning, land use, and new developments, from a gas station renovation to the development of whole new sections of urban area.  This is also an emerging field of interest and can be tried

2. Cartographer: Cartography is the study of making maps. Book publishers, atlas publishers, government agencies, industries and others are always on the lookout for cartographers to help produce maps. As a cartographer your role will vary widely from the development and design of geographical information to more strategic and technical work.

3. GIS Specialist: A GIS specialist is a person who works with geographic information systems (GIS) to solve problems, present data, and store information. City governments, county agencies, and other government agencies and private groups are often in need of experienced GIS professionals. Coursework and internships in GIS are especially important. Your computer programming knowledge can be of an added advantage here.

4. Climatologist: People who study the climate are called climatologists. Agencies like the National Weather Service, news media, the Weather Channel, and other government entities occasionally need climatologists. Though usually these jobs go to those with meteorology degrees, but a geographer with experience can be the right fit.

5. Environmental Management: A plethora of environmental assessment, cleanup, and management companies exist throughout the world today. A geographer brings excellent skills for project management and the development of reports like environmental impact reports. This is a very widely required profile with tremendous growth opportunities.

6. Writer/Researcher: What’s more exciting than writing about the subject that you have a degree in and getting paid for it? A lot of journals have vacancies for travel or science writers with people who have an extensive knowledge of the subject. You can put in all your research effort to good use and explore the world of wiring.

So where do you see yourself headed?

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