What Is A Good Gate Score And How Can You Achieve It?

What Is A Good Gate Score And How Can You Achieve It?


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The GATE exam 2019 is inching closer and everyone is gearing up with their best to get a good GATE score. But while everyone is in the race to get it, what really makes a good GATE score? Many students still can’t comprehend it.


What is a good GATE score?

The GATE exam 2019 is a national level engineering exam. The best scores of the exam are the top 10 scorers. However, owing to the stringent competitiveness, only 0.1% of the total students make it to the list of toppers.

So, while it is motivational to keep yourself on target, it is not necessary to get the top ten score to serve your purpose. Your GATE preparation should be such that you could hope to be on the top but you should be satisfied with a good GATE score.

A good GATE score differs as per your utility i.e. what do you require it for. Do you want to get into the IITs for an M.tech or get a job in ONGC or other PSUs.

The GATE marks are out of 1000 so when you are doing your GATE preparation, you are preparing for an exam which is of 1000 marks. But while scoring, the marks are given out of 100.

If you have an AIR of less than 200 (Approx score of 60-80 out of 100 as per previous trends) you can get your desired job or an opportunity to get direct admission in one of the IITs or IISc. If you have got a decent score, it is still possible to get through one of the reputed private universities.

To help you with that, mock GATE tests work as a great catalyst to gauge where you stand as per your preparation.



How to get a good GATE score?

Now that we know what a good GATE score is, how do we get it? We have some GATE preparation tips for you, sourced from experts and previous toppers:

Focus on concepts

If you are cramming everything in order to complete your syllabus, you are going the wrong way. The GATE exam is about evaluating your understanding of the subjects and therefore you won’t be able to get a good GATE score unless you are clear on the concepts.

So, always focus on the concepts rather than learning as much material you can.


Time management is crucial for any exam. And for GATE preparation, you need to concentrate entirely on it. For example, if you are applying for the GATE exam 2019 and still juggling between your work and studies, it is going to be difficult.

In order to get a good gate score, say above 70, you need to focus entirely on GATE. If you are serious about it, quit your job or take a few months of leave, if possible. Likewise, manage your time between sections. Make a schedule and stick to it.


Mock GATE test

As mentioned earlier, a mock GATE test will help you understand your current position. Other than that, it saves you from the situation after the exam when you think you could have done better only if you knew earlier what you lacked. So, taking a Mock GATE test analyses your preparation and helps you identify your weak point so that you can rectify them while there is still time.

The AM-GATE mock test offers you such a platform to prepare for GATE exam 2019. Register now.






Getting a good GATE score if difficult but if you are willing to take the challenge with all your heart, it isn’t that tricky. It’s high time you get serious about your GATE preparation and leave everything to just focus on it. All the best!