GATE Score Calculation 2019 – How Will Your Marks Be Calculated?

GATE Score Calculation 2019 – How Will Your Marks Be Calculated?


gate score calculation


The marks you score in your GATE exam and your GATE scores are two different things and should not be confused with one another. While the marks you obtain are solely based on how you performed during the exam, your GATE score takes into consideration the top scores of 0.1% candidates, the number of people giving the exam and the qualifying marks released by GATE.

So, all in all, your GATE score calculation for 2019 can be a complicated process and you need a set formula to go about it and understand how your score will be calculated.


Calculating GATE Normalized marks

The normalized marks are calculated by assuming that “in multi-session GATE papers, the distribution of abilities of candidates is same across all the sessions”. Since there are a lot of test takers and the sessions allocated to them is random, this assumption helps simplify things.

The normalization of marks for the jth candidate in the ith session is Mij is given by –


gate score calculation


Based on the above formula, the normalized marks for a candidate would be calculated. Based on these marks, your GATE score calculation will take place.



GATE score calculation for all papers

For the papers which had only one session, the actual marks of the candidates would be used to calculate their GATE exam 2019 scores. However, for papers conducted in multi-sessions, normalized marks would be taken into consideration and the candidate’s marks will be calculated accordingly.

The formula used for GATE score calculation is –

gate score calculation

Now we hope that you have a fair idea about how your GATE score calculation for 2019 would go. However, you need to remember that your final score will obviously depend on how well or poorly score in the GATE exam. So, put your best foot forward and prepare well for the exam.

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