Aspire to Inspire

"Cockroach Theory for Self Development"
From rags to riches: Google's new CEO Sundar Pichai is an inspiration. Sundar Pichai continues to make global news after becoming CEO. Here is a beautiful speech by him which will touch your heart and make you realise the correct way to live life.

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Myths Busted
Thanks to strong demand and high median annual wages, more and more people are pursuing careers as computer programmers. Today we wish to debunk those myths so that anyone who wants to learn new skills or earn more money can move more swiftly toward a job in this industry. Some of the myths are:

Good coders work long hours; Great programmers are 10 times more; Great programmers write the fastest code; Good computer code is "simple" or "elegant".

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Aspiring Minds in NEWS
Himanshu and Varun write for EDTECH Digest on the JobSkills gap
AspiringMinds announces first list of colleges for National Employabilty Awards 2016
Aspiring Minds to invest 6 millions in R&D in next three years – Economic Times

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Quote of the Day
"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
What do you think should be more important for Indian Education - The quality Of Education Institutes / The Quantity of Educational Institutes?
Quality of Educational Institutes
Quantity of Educational Institutes
Both Quality and Quantity are important
Neither is important
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