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Featured AMCAT Module: Quantitative Ability

1. About the Module
Quantitative Ability assesses the ability of the candidate in the following two aspects:
  1. Basic understanding of numbers and applications

    This section tests whether the candidate has understanding of basic number system, i.e., fractions, decimals, negative, positive, odd, even numbers, rational numbers, etc. The candidate should know how to do basic operations on these numbers, understand concepts of factors/divisibility and have good practice in algebra.

Apart from operations on numbers, the candidate should know how to convert a real-world problem into equations, which could be solved to find an unknown quantity. The candidate is tested on word problems representing various real-time scenarios.

  1. Analytical/Engineering Maths

    These are aspects of mathematics needed for engineering disciplines and data analysis. This includes permutation-combination, probability and understanding of logarithms.

2. Relevance to the Industry

The basic knowledge of quantitative ability is required in each and every job profile and hence it is a very important module.

All the sectors of IT require very high quantitative skills. Different job profiles provided by the various IT-Product based, IT-Services based and ITeS companies, demand the presence of good analytical skills in a candidate. A more than average command on such skills is considered important for selection in hardware and networking companies as well.

Analytical job profiles such as - Financial services/banking, business consulting and profiles in the KPO require good quantitative skills. So, if you are aiming for such profiles, you need to brush up your quantitative skills very well. The importance of the right amount of quantitative skills is not just restricted to these profiles. In corporate/Marketing/ Sales jobs as well for the role of HR in a company, the recruiters make sure that the candidate in addition to having good communication skills and a pleasing personality, does not lack in quantitative ability.

3. How to Improve: Tips & Tricks

        Remember some SIMPLE Tips to improve:

  • Solve as many questions as possible - just remembering the formulas will not help. Have your basics right by following standard books. Example: Quantitative Skills by RS AGGARWAL
  • Identify your strong and weak areas - where you can score well and where you need to improve. Questions asked in this module are picked up from different topics like geometry, algebra etc. Have an analysis of your performance in the various types of questions.
  • Maintain speed – have a check on how many questions you are able to answer in a given time. By improving the speed of calculations one can drastically decrease the time taken to solve a problem. You can get some tips to improve your speed by following Vedic Maths.
  • Play with numbers – Try to solve puzzles to enhance your quantitative skills.Example: http://www.rinkworks.com/brainfood/p/math1.shtml,’Puzzles to Puzzle you’- A book by Shakuntala Devi
  • Learn some values and important formulas- for quick calculations, learn some standard values that are quite often used in calculations for example, tables, cubes, square-roots of numbers till 20. One should be well versed with the formulas and should have a clear understanding of “which formula is to be used where”. You may find some basic formulas at http://math.about.com/od/formulas/Math_Formulas_Math_Tables.htm
  • Evaluate your performance – Give mock tests and practice lots of questions to enhance your efficiency in solving problems.  Then try to rectify errors.
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Featured AMCAT Module: Quantitative Ability
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