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Aspiring Minds launches 'Statistics' module

In its suite of assessments targeted at KPO and analytics companies, Aspiring Minds has launched assessment module on Statistics. The module on Basic Statistics has been designed to assess students on their understanding of basic concepts and methods of statistics. It lays emphasis on quantitative methods and statistical techniques used to investigate and interpret statistical data in order to arrive at meaningful conclusions. A candidate is tested on various topics including descriptive statistics, basics of probability, hypothesis testing, sampling distributions, correlation and linear regression.

The questions in this test are not just calculation based such that a person who knows the right formulae can excel in it, but it lays lot of emphasis on inference-based questions, output interpretation, graph interpretation and drawing conclusions. The scenarios covered are a mix of both hypothetical as well as real-time business scenarios thereby giving flair of the kind of statistical investigative studies that a candidate would be required to do in an Analyst profile or other such profiles requiring a strong hold in Statistics. With the launch of this module, Aspiring Minds has further strengthened its portfolio of assessments that can be used by KPOs and Data analytics company for their recruitment.

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